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A Memoir of Self-Knowledge in the Age of Spiritual Sovereignty

Manisha Jane has always been the black sheep of her family, and never more so than on her wedding day. She wishes she could tell her loved ones the fantastic truth about how she met Patrick – the Frenchman – in Los Angeles only three months earlier, but that would be unthinkable. It would only ruffle their conventional feathers and lead to more misunderstandings. While some guests coo at the seeming fairy tale and others doubt that it's for real, Manisha has to adapt. Beyond their speculations, she knows that what she holds in her hands is Truth with a capital T, but unless and until her family and friends experience it for themselves, the story of her very short engagement can make no sense. Somewhere in the gap between East and West, science and religion, the old age and the new, Truth had become taboo. Embark on a transformative journey with Manisha Jane in a memoir that seamlessly blends ancient wisdom with modern spirituality. From Australia to India and beyond, she shares profound insights with grace, humour and vulnerability, while writing in a compelling literary non-fiction style. We follow Manisha as she encounters a revolutionary meditation movement that unveils the hidden treasures of the subtle body and the common threads of the world's religions, and leads to her unconventional marriage. She takes readers on an enlightening voyage of self-awareness, empowerment and connection, weaving through her story many issues pertinent to the world today, including ecology, community, quantum mechanics, and the role of women in the modern West. Packed with vivid Sanskrit references and heartfelt storytelling, Truth Was Once Taboo is a must-read for anyone curious about the path to awakening and ready to embrace the inner Self.


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REVIEW: Beautiful memoir

A beautiful memoir that leaves the reader transformed whilst following the author’s amazing journey into self-knowledge and the exploration of spirituality. Amusing anecdotes complemented by simple yet deep explanations of eastern philosophical and spiritual concepts. At a time when society is becoming fragmented, disconnected and lost, the answers lie within through meditation and developing inner peace. For anyone who has wanted to explore the realm of eastern philosophy and mysticism, or wanted to learn more about the spiritual depths of yoga and meditation, this book is an invaluable introduction.


REVIEW: Welcome to the Age of Truth

You can trust this writer. With a simple, honest and gently endearing style, she takes the reader by the hand and whispers, “Listen, this is your story as much as it is mine.” Seeking can lead us to our heart’s desire. It can also lead us to that place where we belong, a home in a far off land. For Manisha Jane, there is an added element. It is truth. She settles for nothing less. And with this book, you are there, at her side, her friend and confidante. Listen as you read and you will know. She is saying: “Welcome to the Age of Truth.” To say this is a must-read for anyone interested in spiritual fulfillment would be to use an over-worked cliche. This book is something more. It is a “must-listen.” Listen with your heart. And then listen again with your spirit.

Richard Payment

REVIEW: A compelling memoir of a search for a meaningful life

In her beautifully crafted memoir, Truth Was Once Taboo, Manisha Jane combines the compelling, intimately personal story of her own self-realization, with a clear-eyed description of an alternate culture based on care and humanness. She sweeps us along on her journey through her detailed recollections of people and places — and constant self-questioning.... Manisha's memoir is extraordinary on many levels, valuable for those beginning life’s adventure, and for those reflecting back. It was hard to put down. I look forward to more from this skilled, insightful writer.

Culture Man

REVIEW: Beautifully written, inspiring and uplifting

She shares her spiritual journey with us with sincerity, elegance and humour. The book is organised around Sanscrit concepts and this, together with quotes woven into the narrative, gives the book additional depth and places her personal story in wider context of spiritual evolution of humanity.

Maria Ross

REVIEW: A beautifully written memoir for all people ready to become self-aware

The writing is deeply poetic and philosophical, inviting readers to peer into Janes' soul and, perhaps, to embark on their own journey of self-discovery. It's a reminder that we all possess the potential to embrace truth and become the 'chosen one' in our own lives, should we choose to do so.

Caroline Clement

REVIEW: A memoir that is a must (must) read

The title says it all but the book is far beyond and is really worth every page. Manisha's memory of the events and details is admirable, she manages to take us back on her journey in a funny, and real way. Through her words we can completely experience the moments, and feel the emotions out of it. Right from the start we are taken on a spiritual journey, it is an absolute must read for those willing to dive into a journey of truth.

Harshika L.

REVIEW: A life-transforming book

Through the narration the author takes you through your own spiritual journey, experience and awakening. This is so gentle, so nourishing, and so beautiful, you don’t want it to end.

Chrisophe S.

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