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If you are looking for a hard-to-find Sahaja Yoga book or would simply like to suggest a book idea, contact us by email below.

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Here are some of the book titles

we might be able to help you with:

Adi's Journey

Alicia and the White Angel

The Amazing Journey of Alma

Cabella 94

Cooking with Love

Hope Faith and Love


The Joy of Spreading Sahaja Yoga

Leadership and Administration

The Light of the Koran

The Light of the World

Margherite Daises

Marriage in Sahaja Yoga

Meditation and Play

Men and Women in Sahaja Yoga

Music and Sahaja Yoga

Nirmal Fragrance


Sahaja Yoga – A Beginner's Guide

Sufi Odes to the Divine Mother

William Blake's Illustrations of

                                   the Book of Job

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