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This website features a collection of books primarily created by Sahaja Yogis, as well as some additional recommendations.​ We do not sell the books, nor are we responsible for the sale transactions. We offer buying links for informational purposes only.

The selection of the books is at the discretion and curation of the website owners and should not be construed as a recommendation from Sahaja Yoga as an organization. The editorial comments and opinions expressed in the book descriptions are those of the authors of each book. Every effort has been made to keep the buying links up-to-date and accurate. We are not responsible for errors, but are happy to correct any inaccuracies.

If you wish to see a book added, please contact us with your suggestion. If you have a comment about any book, we are also happy to hear from and will review the inclusion of any title.

We can be contacted by using the interface below or by clicking the button to the left.


We collect a minimum amount of information from your visits to our website. Your name and email address are used only for contact purposes and never shared with anyone else. Your movement through the site is for analytical purposes only: pages visited, your country, city, browser and other similar generalized data which is aggregated into totals and never attached to a name, IP address or personalized identification. 


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